Plant-Based, Wholesome, Sustainable


Rich soups, plenty of salads, hot hearty meals and home made cakes for a quick lunch to sit in or takeaway with a special drink selection.


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Our Small Bistro:

We opened our humble but holistic small Bistro in 2019 to offer fresh, delicious, plant based food which is healthy for you and the Planet too.

Plant Based

For us it is a food made by a colourful combination of not just fruits and vegetables but also whole grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, spices, sprouts and cold pressed oils. It is minimally processed, freshly made by hand using mostly seasonal and organic ingredients as much as we can.


We believe that anything wholesome is good for you. It improves your life either physically, morally, and emotionally. The word wholesome comes from the Old English hal, meaning “healthy.” On our menu you find foods and drinks which not just contain enough calories but
are rich in good nutrients, antioxidants and fibres without preservatives or additives.


We know we are part of the Nature and we care and feel the responsibility. It is a challenge especially for a small business but we are dedicated to do as much as we can within our limits. Every meal we prepare is an opportunity to take a stand for our values and the world
we want to live in.

Useful Notes

Easily understandable and digestible thoughts and facts…about our ingredients, and cooking methods… <3

Some important events or happenings with or around us… : )


"Every single one of us makes a difference every single day. And we have a choice of what sort of difference we want to make"


– Jane Goodall