About Us

Our Small Bistro:

We opened our humble but holistic small Bistro in 2019 to offer fresh, delicious, plant based food which is healthy for you and the Planet too. Rich soups, plenty of salads, hot hearty meals and home made cakes for a quick lunch to sit in or takeaway with a special drink selection.

Both of our passions around food and health started in our teenage years before we met…Laszlo as a young cook and Kriszti as a committed vegetarian. After years and years working in hospitality and learning more about food and diet, we sadly realized behind the shiny image designed plates there is no real quality ingredients or nutritional value but huge environmental and human cost.

When this opportunity came we took the moment to start to create our place. A place where we can work, live and sleep step by step more congruently with our values, beliefs and principles.

Values, Beliefs & Principles

Food is amazing and powerful. Each choice we make around it, has the biggest impact on our health and the natural world. How we grow, cook, serve and eat matters. We believe eating no or at least less meat, choosing mostly seasonal and local ingredients are the basics. Valuing all our natural resources, protecting the soil and reducing our environmental impact in as many ways as possible are crucial, if we would like to keep our Planet liveable in the near future.


Plant Based

For us it is a food made by a colourful combination of not just fruits and vegetables but also
– whole grains: millet, buckwheat, spelt, oat, rye, barley, brown rice, quinoa
– pulses: beans, lentils, peas, broad beans, soy beans, chickpeas, peanuts
– nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, pinenuts
– seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, flax, sesame, poppy, chia, hemp, caraway, nigella
– spices, sprouts and virgin cold pressed oils like rapeseed, olive, coconut and minimally processed, freshly made by hand, using mostly seasonal and organic
ingredients as much as we can. A well balanced whole-food plant based diet has a beneficial impact on our physical and mental health, on our guts, on our environment and beyond.



We believe that anything wholesome is good for you. It improves your life either physically, morally, and emotionally. The word wholesome comes from the Old English hal, meaning “healthy.” On our menu you find foods and drinks which not just contain enough calories but are rich in good nutrients, antioxidants and fibres without preservatives, sulphites or additives. Seasonal eating and a good protein complementation ensures you are getting all your daily dose of key nutrients without compromising on any. Our body works like our ecosystem. Diversity on our plates is the same like biodiversity in Nature, it is crucial to our health and future.



We know we are part of the Nature and we care and feel the responsibility. It is a challenge especially for a small business but we are dedicated to do as much as we can within our limits. Every meal we prepare is an opportunity to take a stand for our values and the world we want to live in. To minimize our environmental damage and make our place more sustainable we choose eco-friendly cleaning materials, recycle as much waste as possible and ditch the deep fryer,
aluminium trays and Tetra-Packs. All our tea bags are unbleached and plastic-free. To reduce our carbon footprint we use renewable electricity, led panel lights, biodegradable takeaway boxes, plastic-free cutleries and cups. We are dedicated to looking for better practices and solutions.

"I visit this cafe as often as I can, or at least pop in for a take away. I love the way they think about food - sustainable, nourishing, healthy. This is how I eat at home and I'm thrilled that I can now go out to enjoy lovely food."

Jackie Lewis on Tripadvisor

"Great, simple menu full of tasty, healthy, freshly made food with options for everyone. The mixed salads are especially good, the soups are excellent and there's always something different to try if you feel adventurous."


Deepreddave on Tripadvisor

"Owners were very enthusiastic about food and health and were happy to cater for both vegans and vegetarians. The food was superb and well presented with interesting and varied choices available. Takeaway available in biodegradable containers."


NadineFord on HappyCow

"Fantastic food, feels really filling and nourishing. I always feel great after eating. I'm a meat-eater but I'm always happy to get lunch from here. So friendly, too! We're lucky to have this available in Penrith."


Geoff Bartholomew on Google